Helen Ford Design

Design Online offers you a bespoke online Interior Design service that is simple and a more affordable alternative to our full interior design service. It is a hands-off approach to Interior Design and an ideal solution if you want some design support but are happy to contribute initially and then oversee the project yourself.

We charge a design fee on a room-by-room which is dependent on the size of the project, meaning you can re-design your home in your own time and to suit your budget. You may simply require some help pulling what you have together and adding in a rug/some art or it may be an entire room re-design. We can design using items sourced from unusual High Street shops or offer a more bespoke approach, depending on your budget and any time constraints.

Design Online

The Process

Once the scale of the project or room details have been ascertained and a Design fee agreed we move onto The Process.

Completion of questionnaire

Our detailed questionnaire helps us understand your exact design requirements and intentions for the room. We also request measurements of the room, photos, any videos that may help and details of any items remaining in the space. It is helpful if you provide any images of interiors that you find inspiring to enable us to interpret your vision clearly.

Virtual Meeting

Once this information has been received we will schedule a 30 minute call to discuss the finer details and to confirm that we have everything we need to proceed.


On receipt of payment of the agreed Design Fee invoice we begin the Design Process.

The Creative Design

Depending on the size of your project, we aim to submit the creative to you for your consideration within 3 weeks.

The Handover

Once the creative element has been approved, we provide you with a linked shopping list and any relevant design notes and styling tips to enable you to implement your new Interior.